The Best Mochas in Sacramento

Coffee culture is booming in Sacramento and there are many local, independent, and chain coffee shops that are close to our apartments near Sac state. However, if you're a mocha fiend and you can't get enough of that espresso and chocolatey goodness, here are some of the best mochas you can find in the city.


Located near Sacramento City College and not too far from Midtown, {Espresso Metro]( is a quaint and colorful coffee shop that is the favorite of college students and nearby residents alike. Not only are their mochas deliciously prepared, but the ambience of the cafe is very fitting for the patrons that it attracts. The cafe is not too brightly lit and alt-rock and indie folk music is played through their loudspeakers. There is also a patio area and a park outside where your pet can relax while you enjoy your mocha. This shop delivers a warm and vibrant atmosphere for all who visit.


Not far from our community, you'll find a local coffee chain with some of the best mochas out there. They have three locations in Sacramento but the one closest to Sac State is the most popular because of their offerings as well as their relaxed atmosphere. With outdoor seating as well as warm lighting inside, Chocolate Fish is a great place to study and enjoy a cup of high quality mocha that has some very rich chocolate in it.


Both the Espresso Metro and the Chocolate Fish have an ambience that is very hip and artistic, but the Naked Lounge takes a more modernist and minimalist approach to their atmosphere and architecture. Situated downtown and not far from Sac State, The Naked Lounge not only offers great mochas, but its sleek and bright surroundings make it more unique than the more dimly lit and colorful atmosphere of other cafes. The Naked Lounge also is near the beautiful Fremont Park, making it a convenient place to study or hang out.

This was only a small taste of the many cafes and attractions available near Sac State. If you're thinking about joining our community and taking advantage of our great location, please contact us! We'd love to tell you more.